Monday, 1 September 2014

UNI SERIES #1 Packing check list bruh

Sup Earthlings,

There really isn't any other way to approach this post but by discussing le A-level results. [yes, a triumphant 2 weeks later]. I tried to think of a cool and casual way of slowly edging into this conversation but meh. Man aint got time. AMMIE AND SHARRIE ARE OFF TO UNIVERSITY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!! I am off to the University of Birmingham to spend time in loads of beautifully dusty books (read English Lit) and Sharrie will be reading American studies at the University of Essex (with one hella cool year abroad across the pond).


So since we have promised not to neglect you all again, it makes sense to include this part of our lives on the blog. Do expect a myriad of necessary yet shabbily produced posts which will make up a Uni series.

First up in the Uni series is a packing list, just because I think that time is pushing on and there really is so much to buy. I have watched most of the youtuby type videos and I have hit up pinterest and all the 'Dorm checklists' but I have kinda shoved them all together with notes and scribbly bits so that you guys can have what ought to be a realistic checklist.  Don't not shove a comment at the bottom to add anything you reckon is missed.

university checklist
Desk lamp *Don't forget bulbs, a few of them too!
-postage stamps
-paper clips
- push pins
-pens/pencils/highlighters/ PENCIL CASE(don't you dare follow our blog without having a genuine respect for pencil cases)* Fancy stuff at Paperchase
-post it notes
-Rubber bands
-Whole puncher
- glue
- "Magazine holder" *use it as you please, just storage I guess
- Thesaurus/Dictionary
- Diary* get a few, 1 for personal stuff and 1 for Uni bits?
-Printer *Paper and ink too
-folders * I have seen loads of videos with people just buying one folder because they have 1 subject, nah. think about your seperate modules and stuff. *wilko are selling some for 50p right now. just saying * get some plastic dividers too
- tape
- notebooks * get a pocket one too

- Sheets * 2 sets * My uni provide a mattress cover but have a look a see what you're provided with!
- mattress protector * might not be the best bed you have ever slept on...
- duvet * again, get two sets
- Bed bug spray * Idk it seems to be on every list
- actual duvet and pillows
- Blankets/throw
- cushions * Yaaaasssssssssss. I am getting mine from Camden, into that Boho thang.

-shower cap
- toiletries bag
- flip flops*even if you're not shared, never know who lived where you're living and how clean or dirty they were
- towels
- robe
- soap/shower gel
- small mirror/dressing table mirror
- shampoo/conditioner * I know I have added some obvious stuff, but if you share with a sibling or whatever then it is easy to forget
- cotton balls/cotton pad
-nail polish remover
-make-up bag
- towel rack and airer
* adapt this if you have en-suite(oh how blessed you are) or if you are shared

- mugs
-pizza cutter
-chopping boards
- kettle
*the above three things might or might not be provided in your accommodation nonetheless I would say that it is a good idea to have your own anyway, sharing with 5-8 people or whatever might mean that you need replicas.
- oven glove
- tea towel
cook books! *Jamie Oliver is my dawg atm when it comes to cook books
- Saucepan set
- cutlery * one mate of ours swears by Zara home for cool looking cutlery
- bowls
- plates
*with the above three it might be tempting to take 1 of each,, but bare in mind that you might get visitors, might invite people over and whatever so take a good amount
- sharp knives
- sieve *I jut learnt how to spell this (:
-wooden spoons
- baking trays
- can opener
- tupaware
-cheese grater
-measuring jug
* Charlotte Farthing has the BESTEST advice on kitchen stuff and otherwise, most of this kitchen bit was basically the result of watching her video:

-ironing board
-laundry bag/basket
-trash bags
-washing up bowl
-washing up liquid
-toilet cleaner/bleach
-dust pan and brush

- blu tac *white tac apparently leaves less marks on the walls
-wall posters *Londoners seek out Portobello market or Camden
- post cards
-fairy lights
-3M decorating clips *replaces nails
-rug *If your room is big enough
-foot stool * I got myself a footstool because it was really boho and just fabulous but it is NOT a necessity, the idea is that it gives my tiny room character. sooo, if it is a pile of cushions on the floor, a bean bag or whatever make sure you make your room less boring and more cosy.
-pictures from home!
-storage boxes

forgettables* these are the bits which are easily forgotten
-padlock *for the fridge
-lint rollers
-alarm clock
-first aid kit
-door stop * I hear this makes things less awkward. I immediately got one.
-sewing kit
-light bulbs
-flash light
-sleeping mask
- extension cable
-bath mat
-coasters/place mats
-bathroom storage
-some sort of jewellery storage
- Don't get everything new! make sure that you take some stuff from your own room so that you don't feel completely home sick!

check out our pinterest accounts for some inspiration and stuff:



Now, just to make this post even longer, here are some pics of our day out to Harrods on results day. We went out to celebrate our success and to make the most of one of the our few synchronized days off work.

Sharrie doing what Sharrie does whilst in the Disney department. Amongst children 13 years her minor.

Sharrie has nice nails and nice stuff to match those nice nails.

Sharrie convinces me to join her in making a fool of myself in aforementioned children's department.
We agreed that this is stunning.
Hope that this helped guys! Next up in the Uni series will be a list of things to do before you leave your home city; for us that means a list of things that London needs to prepare herself for, we won't relent. mwahahaha.

All our dorky love,
Ammie and Sharrie xx

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hello August

Hello Earthlings,

It is fair to say that we ought to be cast out of the blogosphere, mocked and rebuked because we really have abused our titles as bloggers by leaving you all for this long. It isn't fair really. Nonetheless, we are shamefully back with promises of more consistent posts. Whilst we get that you guys (all ye patient ones who have stuck around) enjoy the DIY posts, we hope to incorporate some new stuff here too. Soooooooooooooo do expect a more miscellaneous looking blog, one which represents our new goals, new makes, new buys, new adventures and all that 18 year old sort stuff.

For the sake of love (and guilt and shame and genuine repentance), please find attached a collaboration of pictures which should hold your attention. As you can see, nothing has changed with us, the beloved Sharrie still flourishes before the camera whilst I am aware that the camera and I are incompatible.

Love Ammie & Sharrie xx

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Dragging up my DIY's

Hello Lads,

I hope you've all been anticipating the return of the dotty but extremely sensible blogger. Me. Ammie. O Extraordinary one.

skirt: New Look (one of Sharrie's many gifts that suit my style but not my confidence) Statement necklace: Spain


Quick life update for all ye people. I went to the UCL summer school, congregated with some pretty cool kids and fell in love with the idea of going to Uni in London. I also went to the Globe to watch Macbeth and managed to drag some of the lads along- didn't tell them they would be standing for the best part of  3 hours which very nearly lost me several limbs. Ummmm started back at Sixth Form and, shockingly, left all my stationery shopping till the very last days. Dark Times I tell you.

Let us return to todays post. Here are a few bits that I finally got round to documenting. I managed to sit myself down long enough (thanks nan) to sew and do what I do best; MAKE LITTLE AWESOME PIECES OF NOTHINGNESS THAT NOBODY WILL BOTHER COPYING MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAKAKAKAKAKAAAA.

I mean, regarding the clothes, not much to say. I reckon one can get away with declaring that one truly adores these self-made prendas.(That's Spanish for item of clothing, wasn't very obvious. Don't know why I included it. Or why I am wasting so much time dwelling on it. Or why, oh why, I didn't get an A in Spanish. Stupid 6 UMS). My favourite has to be the sixties-girl collared dress. Whilst wearing it, I have been called: a church girl, a 50's nurse and probably less complimentary things, but for me, I really only deserve to be called supremely cool. I got the pattern from my nan's ever-growing selection of vogue patterns but it could easily be found on EBay or wherever.

Well that is all from me and my sewing machine thus far so I shall go now.


Album that I won't leave alone: The  Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill
Thought that won't leave me alone: I can't believe that the genius bit of Literature which  is Nineteen Eighty-Four influenced Big Brother. Huh.
'I am never alone': Have Godly confidence in yourself and know that God can never use a discouraged servant.

God bless and take care lads
Ammie (:


Friday, 30 August 2013

DIY: Wrapped in a Spiral

Goodnight creative Fairies!

Well summer is practically over now. I mean seriously, next week?!? I barely had time to breathe let alone start my History homework! Procrastination is not key, though I will conquer it on Sunday lads. I promised you a picture of my Lush buys, which are divine! I urge you all to buy one of the beauty beauties okay and I wasn't asking so go on, go to the shop. Their workers are supeeeeer friendly, not like in other shops *I will not name names ^.^*

Over the two week period, I got myself (from top left to right): Dragon's Egg (for my little nephew), Ickle Baby Bot, Blackberry Bath Bomb (the 'BOMB' one), Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment, Sunnyside, Sparkle Toothy Tabs, Rock Star soap, Think Pink and Tea Tree Toner Tab. I also have some of The Comforter left along with Creamy Candy Bubble Bar but they were cut up. I have already used Space Girl and Sex Bomb which I am in love with! Think Pink bath bomb has to be my favourite. I bought two already *yaay mee*. It's so pink, sweet and girly, the perfect treat! And for my Mother: (from top left to right): The Comforter, A French Kiss, Sweetie Pie, The Godmother soap, Honey Bee and Stepping Stone. I also got her Phoenix Rising though she didn't like and gave it to my little brother. He loves it of corse! My mother is now in love with Lush as I am, maybe not as much as me come to think of it. My growing obsession for Lush had me switching boxes every time I gained a new purchase *sigh, all that moving*. Seeing as we were re-painting the house (which equaled a tornado of mess), I decided to transform one of our 5litre empty paint cans into this Lush Can, which I call my Lushie Can! Gives you chills right??

It was quite hard to make with the glitter but I literally love the outcome. Even though the word 'Lush' isn't placed perfectly, it still looks totally cool! And who want's it to be perfect anyway? B-). Oh and this is how I celebrated Michael's 55th birthday! I know he likes balloons...

Moving on from my celebrations and Lush ramblings, this is another bracelet DIY which is simple and easy to make though it does require some concentration lads but I’m sure you can do it :D

Your Helpers:
~ Tape
~ Embroidery thread
~ Cardboard
~ Scissors
~ Ruler
~ Pencil
~ Something sharp or a screwdriver

1. Place the tape on the cardboard and draw around the outside of it, then cut it out.
2. Take your ruler and draw a straight line down (vertically) the middle of the cardboard circle.
3. Now draw another straight line horizontal to the first line you drew. Then draw a vertical line through the middle of the horizontal and vertical line. It should look like this.
4. Draw your final line through the vertical line, horizontally, so it will look like this. You should have only drawn 4 lines but ended up with 8 small sections, like a pizza - yum!

5. Make small snips at the end of each line, it should be around 1cm maximum, it should not be a deep cut.
6. Cut 7 pieces of embroidery thread around 30/40cm long. I think it's best to double up the thread as the bracelet will be thicker.
7. Take the screwdriver or pencil and pierce a hole through the middle. Push the start of the bracelet through the hole making sure the knot is at the bottom of the cardboard.
8. I don’t know why this picture is here, I guess I wasn’t concentrating...blah :D

9. Place each thread on each of the lines and you should have one line without a thread. Make the line without a thread face the LEFT like in the picture. Now from that point, going clockwise, take the THIRD thread and bring it to the line without a thread. In the picture: move the unhappy face to the smiling face.
10. It should then look like this. Again, move the new line without a thread to the left.
11. It should now look like this. Again, moving clockwise, take the NEW third thread and bring it to the NEW line without a thread.
12. It will now look like this.

13. The bottom will look like this if you don't untangle the thread while you are moving the thread.
14. Once you get into the hang of this, your spiral bracelet will start to emerge from the bottom until it's here LOL I had to do that.
15. After a while it will look like this and then...
16. You are finished!

I do hope you try this DIY Earthlings. There were so many "It will now look like this'" I felt like a broken record repeating itself! It is literally ABC once you get a hand of the technique okay! They are never that scary :D. If you do though, hash tag us at #ASdiy on Instagram or Twitter, we will totally check it out! Happy last week of Summer my fellow readers! Family day out to Coral Reef tomorrow shall help ease this pain mwhahaha O.o

Be unique & create magic Unicorns❣

Sharrie xXx

Friday, 16 August 2013

DIY: Gummy Spikes

Good Afternoon Fairies!

Well yesterday was one of the most important days of our 6th Former lives - RESULTS DAY. I wasn't as scared as I normally am because I had faith. I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but thank God that it was good enough to keep me at my school and on my preferred courses. One thing, I can't go to UCL now (cries while I indulge in comfort food), I will find a substitue no doubt! But the key thing is, to turn your broken piece into a master piece! Today is a new day, you can shape your future, you can make that change if your not satisfed with your past okay! It's not the end of the world...! Wow, so many exclamation marks - just for emphasis. Okay, moving on from my possibly irrelevant pep talk as I quote Nick Minaj *that moment when your head repeats an annoying lyric*. One last thing, DIY Fri will come every fortnight seeing as this Friday came in a flash! I will not have enough time once my head is involuntarily forced in history books. It's not much of a change lads :D Here I will show you how to give life to your plain old silicone wristband...

Your helpers:
- Silicone wristbands
- Spike studs
- Super glue
- Leather hole puncher

1. Lay the wristband flat on the ground. Fold it in half to find the center. Then take the Leather hole puncher to punch a hole through both sides of the band.
2. Now do the same thing but on the opposite side (the holes should be at the end to find the center in between) therefore you’ll have 4 holes.
3. Lie the wristband flat with a set of holes in the middle. Then fold both ends of the wristband inside to find the center between the end and middle (the hole and the end of the wristband). Remember to punch a hole through both sides of the band. You should have 8 holes now. You can now add the spikes! Push the screw of the spike through the inside of the band so the spike will appear on the outside of the band. Apply a small amount of glue at the tip of the screw to further secure the spike in place.

~*!DO NOT screw the spike too tightly as it’ll cause the band to expand and create an unflattering curve. Stop tightening when you start to see it expand!*~

Show off your old, now new, wristband! I decided to treat myself at Lush and picked up 5 gorgeous bath bombs! I shall post a picture in the next post :D I cannot wait to use them! They are literally lush! I think I have an addiction for exclamation marks lol. Don't forget to tag your DIY's at #ASdiy on Instagram, we will totally check it out! Happy Summer all.

Be unique & create magic Unicorns❣

Sharrie xXx

Friday, 9 August 2013

DIY: 9 in 1 and Spiked Leather

Hello Fairies!

It'ssss FRIDAAAAAY, FRIDAAAAAAAAAY, it's D.I.Y Fridaaaaaaaaay! This is so exciting isn't it, more for me of course! This post is focusing on that one object that most of us teenagers call our darling child - our mobile phone!! Mine is called Iphone5, and I was blessed with her last Christmas at 11.50am (whatever time I opened the present) LOL oh boy. This is my hunger talk by the way, my food is half way finished B-). Moving on, this first DIY is extremely easy and creative...

Your helpers:
~ Clear phone case
~ Card paper
~ Design or photographs from books, magazines, birthday cards etc
~ Pencil
~ Glue
~ Scissors
~ Compass or something sharp (office paper cutter)
~ Cutting mat
**I purchase all my helpers from Ebay**

1. Draw around your phone for the template or you can just measure it with a ruler, though it’s up to you. Cut it out and place it into the phone case. Trim the edges until you get the perfect fit you want. Then glue this template on two pieces of card, this is what you’ll use to trace around your designs.
2. Take you’re preferred design or picture and trace around the previous template you made with a pencil. It's better to trace it on the back of the design.
3. Cut it out and trim the edges if needed. Using something from a magazine or book? It’s best to glue it on some card so it’s sturdier. Trace the markings for the camera and cut it out using a compass or office paper cutter on the cutting mat.

And you're finished! Boys please do not be afraid to drag out your creative side and do this! It is super easy, quick and cheap to make. It just makes your phone more unique because you’ll know that no one will have the same case like you (well that you know). I got my Michael Jackson pictures from a book I have and the rest of designs are from old birthday cards. I printed off more MJ pictures for my case several months ago, so the possibilities are endless!


I've been so excited to share this DIY with you Fairies! I saw a bunch of these cases online but I wanted it on a leather case instead of a normal plastic one. Oooo this is thrilling, cant you feel the shivers? Eoghdgvnlx okay I'll totally stop now...enjoy!
Your helpers:
~ Leather flip case
~ Silver or gold spike studs (mine were 10mm x 7mm)
~ A drill
~ Super glue or a very strong adhesive
~ A cardboard box or shoebox
~ Rhinestones (optional)
~ Paper
~ Pencil
~ Kebab wooden stick
~ Leather Hole Puncher/screwdriver
**I purchase all my helpers from Ebay**

1. Take your phone and draw around it, as close as possible (remember to mark out the camera). This is vital to get a professional look, so precision is key. Find the center of you’re phone by drawing two diagonal lines from the top corners of the template. From there, draw small dots with a straight line, one inch apart, to mark the remaining places where the spikes should be. You should form a continuous diamond design. In each row there should be four, and only four, full diamond shapes going horizontally and vertically. Focusing on only theses rows, draw a horizontal and vertical line through the whole length of your phone, this will help you to find the center of the diamond. Draw small circles in the crossing of the diamond, and you’ll have your template for the design! This is the hardest part of the tutorial to be honest! *breathes out*
2. Now you have you’re template, place it over your leather case and make sure it doesn’t move. Take the kebab stick and start to press it down firmly on every dot you made.
3. Pull off the leather case that is glued to the plastic case (see step 4). In my opinion, I think it is better to purchase a cheap leather case, because you’re going to pull off the leather part. This will protect the back of your phone from getting damaged by the screws. *Mine has holes because my Father gave me the idea after I finished drilling*. I think It's best to use the Leather hole puncher, but you can use a screwdriver as well. Place the case on top of the shoebox and drill holes through the markings you made with the kebab stick. Keep your hand and the drill straight while drilling.

4. Screw your studs through the hole as tightly as possible with a screwdriver. REMEMBER: the spikes should be on the outside of the leather case. To further secure the spike, add a drop of super glue to the top of the screw, and quickly put the spike on.
5. Carefully glue the leather case back to the plastic case and you’re finished! OPTIONAL: you can get the rhinestone design I have at the front of my case by using the same template you previously made, then gluing the rhinestones on.

Well, the first step is the hardest, but I only got it right on my 4th try so practice makes perfect! Feel free to ask me questions. Those of you non DIY'ers are in luck! I am making several of these cases for IPhones to sell around Aug/Sep time (obviously improved). If you are interested, there will be more information about these in the near future. Well Fairies, I do hope this has excited you as much as it has for me, especially as its the FIRST post for It's DIY Fri! Until next week my blogaily {blog+family}

Be unique & create magic Unicorns♥

Sharrie xXx

Thursday, 8 August 2013

DIY: Wrapped In Wire

Good Evening Fairies!

We’ve all been soaking up the scrumptious weather, though this week has taken a wrongful turn *cries* the rain, thunder and lightning!! One was so bright, I thought somebody came to my window and took a picture. It could have been the papz you know lol. So I have decided to make my DIY posts more consistent by introducing ‘It’s DIY Fri’. No brainer, you shall be presented with a DIY every Friday. The first post for It’s DIY Fri will be up tomorrow! Isn’t this exciting *shrikes*. This DIY is inspired by something I saw on Youtube. It was a necklace but I wanted it to be a ring instead so that is the interesting history behind this DIY. Swiftly moving on…

Your helpers:
- Beading/Jewellery wire
- Pliers
- Scissors
- Super Glue
- Any type of rock/stone

1. Take the wire and wrap it around the rock once. I don't want to give you a certain measurement to cut the wire at, as it depends on the size of it.
2. Take the starting side of the wire and tie it around the wire to form a hook. This will keep the rock in place while wrapping the remaining wire. Make sure this is tight.
3. Start to wrap the wire around the rock in all directions, however you like, until you are satisfied with the outcome.
4. Cut off 2-3cm of the same wire that is wrapped around the rock. This will be used to tie the ending knots. Once you have made a tight knot around some of the wires, it should look like this once the excess (if any) are cut off.

5. Feed the wire through as many wires underneath the rock as possible, aim for at least 2 wires.
6. Place your preferred finger around the wire to form the ring figure. Make sure you leave enough wire (approx. 1-2cm) to create another knot to secure this part.
7. You can wrap the section for the ring 1-4 times if you like, it’s totally up to you. Finally, make your last knots to fully secure your ring and you are finished!

I recently took a trip down to Margate beach and collected some fantastic rocks to use in the future! It is a fab project if you live near the beach. If you try this DIY, don't forget to post a picture on Instagram and hashtag #ASdiy as I would love to see your versions! I hope this has tickled your delightful taste buds to be wanting more - just wait until tomorrow ;)

Be unique & create magic Unicorns♥

Sharrie xXx