Sunday, 25 November 2012

Making this the one drop, and we still find time to rock.

Hello bros.

How are we all on this fine Sunday morn? I'm feeling fab, thank you so very much for asking. Apologies for my lack of appearance, but I'm quite sad to say that I dont think any of you noticed when the creative genius that is Sharrie has been chucking these amazing blog posts at ya. Can I just say how much I adored the Ring holder post.

And here I am hobbling along, trying to offer you something that scratches the decent line. I'm kidding of course. I'm amazing. You love me.

On with ze post.

Back pack: Portobello Market
Coat: Republic £60
Headphones : HMV £30
So fellows, that's what I've been splurging my wages on. I think my style has swayed towards hip hop 90's. Yup definitely. I've been donning maxi skirts with this tribal chunky coat. Beads in my hair. Crazy prints just added for sake of it- you know what, I shall just show you what I mean.

I swear. who wouldn't want to be her ??????!!! Love 90's hip hop!!
And they didnt even know t'was fashion! Fresh Prince of Bel Air has become the source of my fashpiration. This Episode *.* The trousers that Tyra Banks wears are shown clearly in this episode, but they're high wasted with a thick black belt. Its frightening how much I want this style.
Bob Marley. Although I am inspired by my Jamaican roots, I don't feel entirely right tapping away about Fashion when Bob Marley was such an inspiration, politically and spiritually. I've downloaded as much of his music as my shabby Blackberry would permit, and it's clear to see that he delivered a message. Be it a message of politics, as shown in one of my faves Ambush in the night or a message of culture in Smile Jamaica or even a religious message (Amen)in the amazing Exodus.

So that's it for today. I hope I've inspired you in one way or another. I do have a lot of work on, buuuuttt whenever I get enough time between Sixth Form, work, the magazine (which I forgot to take pics for) and debating, I shall deliver some heavenly DIY post. I have actually been spreading my creativity via my clothes but again, no photographic evidence. (HOw many times can one woman apologise ?!)

God bless you, Ammie xx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

I'll Always Remember This Time...

Hello Earthlings,

Yes, yes Friday has gone which means I've already been to the Michael Jackson event (well like duhhh). But anyway....IT WAS AMAZEBALLSSS!! Like seriously, it was so epic in my opinion. So I went after school, by myself, because I'm just an independent Don like that B-). The presentation of the place was so cool. The walls were white so it was really bright and when you walk in to present your ticket, there are 3 hugeeee walls with a picture of him on it!! Just the bomb diggidy man! Yes I took pictures, though on my 5th/6th one, the security guard told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures; burst my excitement bubble why don’t you?! Goodness. But he didn’t make me delete the ones I already had, though guess what?! MY mother deleted the pictures by ''accident'' - yes I cried. I literally thought my head was going to blow off I was just. Ahhh.

Well anyway, my key items from there were of course his gloves, it looked so nice. It took 72 hours to hand stitch the diamonds, then to be hand sewn together. Seriously, the bomb diggidy. Another was his gold jeans he wore with a bronze/gold/brown print black shirt and I thought, how would I wear something like that? Then it came to me. Gold jeans with a leopard print shirt. And get this, I went into Forever 21 and what did I see? Gold jeans next to a leopard print shirt - ohhh yeaaah B-). Next thing was he wore a black collared shirt with a collar chain, it really nice. He was size 9.5 for shoes and size small for boxers - he had Harrods boxers. LOL I sound like a psycho, but it was there for me to see. I loved all his leather jackets, they were really cool. OMG, the hat he wore in the Smooth Criminal video, it was really nice; I love hats like that. He wore this purple baggy onesie/jumpsuit at his bad tour, which was really cool in all. Oh and the blue shirt he wore in The Way You Make Me Feel, it was a silk, I really liked that shirt. Well in other words, everything was amazeballs!!

That was my Friday night folks! Hope you liked this post, told you it would come! While I was in Stratford i had a chance to go to Victoria’s Secret and picked up these beauties *love struck face* I LOVE STRAWBERRIES AND CHAMPAGNE!!!! *triple love struck face* I literally love Victoria's Secret. I'm going to watch Grease and do my work so yeah, have a happy Sunday and you can still go if you want, I’ll give you the link (until Nov 17th).

Live Long and Prosper Dudes♥

Sharrie xXx