Thursday, 25 July 2013

DIY: Festival Fringe

Hello Fairies,

Please accept my sincere apologies for neglecting you for God knows how long. I really am sorry, though you were always on my mind. Well, let me catch you up on my crazy busy bee life. I went to the Wireless Festival last Friday and it was an exuberant day! I learned that I could constantly drink water and hold it in for 17 hours - I know, what a Boss B-). I was so close to touching Trey Songz, though the girl in front of me did *double sigh*. Justin Timberlake hit it out of the park for me (of corse). His performance was the best! He is so gorgeous, talented and a crucial asset to todays music industry. Not to mention, he performed The Jacksons' Shake Your Body Down to the Ground! I physically went insane with joy when this happened *closes eyes to reminisce* lol. I knew Mr Timberlake would include something of Michael; it was bound to happen, especially when he played the ending of This Place Hotel at the end of one of his songs. Moving on from my exceptional MJ knowledge, Wireless screamed DIY to me - more of the reason that I had no money and was asked to go 4 days before the concert. I know right?! My DIY outfit consisted of a headband, cropped fringe top and the festival fringe socks! But thank God summer is here! It will go significantly fast and there's nothing our young souls can do *cries* so let us come together and DIY! This one is simple and easy for you to do...

Your Helpers:
- a pair of white calf socks
- lace trimming
- cotton tassel/fringe trimming (mine was from an old poncho)
- needle and thread or fabric glue
- embellishments (optional)

1. Take the fringe trimming and wrap it around your ankle. Leave 2-3cm for the button and hole. Measure the lace to the same length (this is to hide the top part of the fringe trimming). Sew/glue the pieces together, it doesn't matter what side you start with.

2. Sew a button on one end of the trimming, then wrap it around your ankle again to see where to cut the hole. When cutting the hole, always make a small cut and then adjust if needed, as you want it to be secure.

3. Now it's time to sprinkle some fairy dust over these lovelies with some embellishments! Or simply leave them plain like this. You are in control fellow one.

Come to think of it, this is an anklet more than anything! God knows why it took me this long to realize dsjkhsdf hhaha. I can imagine it being worn over the elbow; I'll have to try that one out. Well, I was serious when I said I have countless DIY's for you all, so I know you'll forgive me - you have to! Okay I'm out to carry on with my project, therefore it is until next time Fairies. If you try this DIY out, post a picture and tag #ASdiy on Twitter or Instagram!

Be unique & create magic dudes♥

Sharrie xXx

DIY: The Ring Holder

Hello Earthlings,

Yes! It's half term dudes! Thought this week would never come though, its practically over and I haven't finished my work - great. I really need to stop procrastinating, it's just taking over my crazy life, but I'm going to beat it out of me if I have to. Well yeah that's what school is like for me at the moment. Getting back to the topic of this post, I got your DIY *underlines 100 times* for yaaa!! So basically, I couldn't find the camera and it was likely to have been my fault. So I had to use my mums iphone. Not the greatest pictures but ohh well. And then I found the camera, after I finished making this. Guess who had it? My mother. LOL, the joy. Well with out further a do, I give you, the ring holder....

Your helpers:
-A Box
-Material (preferably cotton)

1. Go to the middle of the magazine and rip a double page out. Then fold it back in half like this.
2. Take your ruler and measure the length from the bottom of the box to the top. Then measure that amount (in my case, 3cm) on the magazine paper.
3. Fold the paper from where you marked it. If you want the paper to be long, then fold from the short side of A4. If you want the paper to be short, fold from the long side of A4.
4. Continue to fold the paper until you can't no more. Tape the outside fold to secure it.

5. I didn't take a picture of this part but take your folded piece or paper and align it against your chosen box and cut off the excess for it to perfectly fit inside the box. Then continue steps 1-4 and fill in the box.
6. Use as much as you can, as you want it to be tight enough to hold your rings though loose enough to fit the rings in place. I don't know how much I used, but you will know how much as it depends on the size of box you chose.
7. Look who was on my TV!! MJ the way you make me feeeeeel *sings and breaks the window*....Ill calm down now.
8. Now get your chosen material, I just used an old top because I just liked the colourful print. Cut pieces of the material and wrap it around each piece of your folded mag paper, then seal it with tape. I didn't take pictures of this step because I forgot and mum was on the phone. Sad times.

Well yes, that's about it for my DIY guys. It was really quick and everything was already in my house! Didn't spend a penny - yeah buddy! Oh yes, that ryhmed B-). And this is the first time I'm posting something from my phone, how cooool?! Well I had to edit it on my comp, but still, the bomb diggidy or what?! Follow me on Instagram if you have it: @shavanafraser_x . Hope you guys try this out because it looks so nice when it's finished. Tell me how it goes, and remember, there's no rules, make it however you like it. One more thing, remember I told you that The Getty Images in Westfield Stratford is showcasing MJs clothes? I booked my ticket for next week Friday!!!!! Im sooo excited, so expect a post dudes! Happy DIYing fellow earthlings.

Live Long and Prosper Dudes♡

Sharrie xXx

Friday, 19 July 2013

I'm so excited I'm gonna pretend we didn't abandon you.

Hello lads,

I guess it would be apt to apologise for the lack of absence. Sincere apologies. If it makes things a little better, whilst we've been making you guys suffer, A-levels have decided to make us suffer. There. We're all equal. But we're all done now so Yaaaayyyyyyy Yaayyyy hjavhnds YAAY!!!

Here's what we've been distracting ourselves with:

Joint forces
- WE. UPDATED. THE. BLOG. how do you like it? is it cute? palm trees rule right? Thiis is hooww we dooo itt *head nodding to the 90's beat* We're fully aware that, geographically, we're significantly far from LA, nonetheless, we shall capture the fun and sunshine of LA whilst maintaining that British aloofness.
- The second and third editions of the magazine 'Geek Times' were received, glorified and accepted for the eclectic awesomeness that it is.
- Various visits to open days: UCL (WOOOOOOOOOO), Sussex, Queen Mary.
- Rocking afro's every so often (documented evidence eventually)

- Sharrie went to a Cambridge residential in April and has confirmed that it is, in fact, beautiful.
- All ye lovers of DIY, Hail, for Sharrie is embarking on a project where she will be making all those sought after DIYed bracelets, earings, rings and so forth and selling them to buy toys for Great Ormands Street hospital.

- I went to Seville in February (I'm thoroughly ashamed that I am informing you in JULY). Considering Spanish Journalism too.
- I've just finished a UCL summer challenge course where I was able to dork out about Shakespeare, amongst those of similar insanity and I shall be off to a UCL residential in August They'll NEVER make me leave

Let's slink back into sanity.

Long gone are the lazy converse and jeans exam-combo outfits, and out come the much desired "hey, cute outfit" garments. I'm quite a fan of the old maxi skirt, actually, in my head I've become the ambassador for maxi skirts. But I've noticed that the tucking in of the top has become something of a habit. Hence my rebellion. This H&M vest top shall remain UNTUCKED.

Maxi skirt (Topshop), Top (H&M), converse (office), bag (somewhere in Spain), big bracelet (somewhere in Italy- look at me, channelling that touristy look), statement necklace (Spain- Stradivarius)

Just a teensy note... Has anyone been to the Globe? I recently went to watch A Midsummer's Night Dream, with the UCL summer challenge group, and I literally fell deeply and irresponsibly in love with it. A Midsummer's Night Dream has also become one of my absolute favourite Shakespeare plays because it is literally fraught with endless messages about life today, here and now in 2013 whilst ankle bracelets are in fashion and all that- it's still relevant. Shakespeare is the granddaddy of Literature. Chaucer is the great granddaddy. Dickens is the boss of Literature. Sorry, that's all I wanted to say. You should all run along to the Globe and go and learn something about life *cheesy grin*. For five quid (in the yard)!!! Any ideas about which play I should go and see next??

Take care and Godbless, Ammie (: xx