Friday, 19 July 2013

I'm so excited I'm gonna pretend we didn't abandon you.

Hello lads,

I guess it would be apt to apologise for the lack of absence. Sincere apologies. If it makes things a little better, whilst we've been making you guys suffer, A-levels have decided to make us suffer. There. We're all equal. But we're all done now so Yaaaayyyyyyy Yaayyyy hjavhnds YAAY!!!

Here's what we've been distracting ourselves with:

Joint forces
- WE. UPDATED. THE. BLOG. how do you like it? is it cute? palm trees rule right? Thiis is hooww we dooo itt *head nodding to the 90's beat* We're fully aware that, geographically, we're significantly far from LA, nonetheless, we shall capture the fun and sunshine of LA whilst maintaining that British aloofness.
- The second and third editions of the magazine 'Geek Times' were received, glorified and accepted for the eclectic awesomeness that it is.
- Various visits to open days: UCL (WOOOOOOOOOO), Sussex, Queen Mary.
- Rocking afro's every so often (documented evidence eventually)

- Sharrie went to a Cambridge residential in April and has confirmed that it is, in fact, beautiful.
- All ye lovers of DIY, Hail, for Sharrie is embarking on a project where she will be making all those sought after DIYed bracelets, earings, rings and so forth and selling them to buy toys for Great Ormands Street hospital.

- I went to Seville in February (I'm thoroughly ashamed that I am informing you in JULY). Considering Spanish Journalism too.
- I've just finished a UCL summer challenge course where I was able to dork out about Shakespeare, amongst those of similar insanity and I shall be off to a UCL residential in August They'll NEVER make me leave

Let's slink back into sanity.

Long gone are the lazy converse and jeans exam-combo outfits, and out come the much desired "hey, cute outfit" garments. I'm quite a fan of the old maxi skirt, actually, in my head I've become the ambassador for maxi skirts. But I've noticed that the tucking in of the top has become something of a habit. Hence my rebellion. This H&M vest top shall remain UNTUCKED.

Maxi skirt (Topshop), Top (H&M), converse (office), bag (somewhere in Spain), big bracelet (somewhere in Italy- look at me, channelling that touristy look), statement necklace (Spain- Stradivarius)

Just a teensy note... Has anyone been to the Globe? I recently went to watch A Midsummer's Night Dream, with the UCL summer challenge group, and I literally fell deeply and irresponsibly in love with it. A Midsummer's Night Dream has also become one of my absolute favourite Shakespeare plays because it is literally fraught with endless messages about life today, here and now in 2013 whilst ankle bracelets are in fashion and all that- it's still relevant. Shakespeare is the granddaddy of Literature. Chaucer is the great granddaddy. Dickens is the boss of Literature. Sorry, that's all I wanted to say. You should all run along to the Globe and go and learn something about life *cheesy grin*. For five quid (in the yard)!!! Any ideas about which play I should go and see next??

Take care and Godbless, Ammie (: xx

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