Thursday, 16 August 2012

D.I.Y: Peter Pan Collars

Hello peoples.

Got a DIY post for ya today. I really love the fact that peter pan collars are popping up everywhere; cos they’re awesome. I guess what I love about collars, or all accessories, is the fact that you can change an outfit in an instant. ‘A girl is simply not a girl without her accessories’- A wise girl (It’s me).

Right, on with the tutorial…
You will need:

- Pattern for the peter pan collar, try these (you must forgive me, I can't find the pattern so it's not in the pic above)
- Scissors
- Your chosen material
- Ribbon
- Needle and thread or sewing machine
- Interfacing (or iron on)
- Iron
- Pins
- Any other decorative bits (like lace)

You can just get your bits from an Haberdashery or material shop.
& there is no real quantities to follow, as in, use as much material as your pattern desires (which won’t be a lot)

Since Sharrie and I have been learning Italian, I feel obliged to do the steps in Italian. (:

Step uno: Cut out the pattern. (sooo sorry I don’t have a picture for this, I was working on a dress that had peter pan collars and so I just used the collars from there). Actually, if you buy the pattern with a dress then you can make a dress as well as a collar.

Step due: Cut the material out using your pattern as your template. To do this accurately, use your pins to pin the pattern to the material. NOTE: your two collars have to be symmetrical !! Or it really doesn’t look good, as I’ve learnt.

Step tre: Now use your interface. Cut the interface into the shape of your collars by cutting around the collars as a template (or you could just iron the interface onto the material and cut around the shape after). Interface is something that you iron onto the material to make it stronger and easier to work on, especially if your chosen material is thin or delicate. NOTE: it can get complicated because you must use the rough side of the interfacing and place it on the side you are ironing on. I.e. when you iron, it must be ironing the smooth side or it will stick to the iron. Very difficult to remove. Oh and I should mention that you use white interface for a lighter material and black interface for a darker material.

Step quattro: Time for the gathering. This is just to make it easier to bend around your collar.

Step cinque: Now hand sew the gathering to the top of your material. Do it tight enough not to fall apart but don’t spend too much time on it, as the stitching will be covered.

Step sei: Place the ‘right’ side of the materials face to face (these are the sides that you want to show).

Once you’ve done that, create your guide line (what you’re going to stitch on if you use a sewing machine) NOTE: keep it near the edge of your collar or you may end up losing a lot of material. - If you’re doing it by hand then stitch it tightly like so,
- If you’re using the sewing machine then stitch it lightly with gaps, like so.
It’s very important to leave the end open for the lace to go in, and also for you to turn it inside out !!

It should look a little something like this. Just like a sock.

Step sette: If you’re using the sewing machine, then sew using your guideline.

Step otto: Turn your material inside out and prepare to start sewing the end up. You can out the ribbon at whatever length suits you. After my third attempt (cringe) I have decided that the short lace looks better.

Step nove: Final step, sew the two collars together. Do it as tight as possible, ensuring that you sew it right in the centre. It also helps if you keep them in line with each other, you’ll see what happens when you ignore this rule.

And then you’re durnnnnn !

My first collar didn’t exactly turn out well… I still love the vintage feel to it though, just not sure if I can get away with it…

My second attempt was better. Simplicity won me over, and also the fact that I can wear it with anything.

And then we have my final attempt (for this week), which is a bit more ‘notice me’. I’m excited to experiment with some pattern clashing with these collars.
Ammie xx

ohhhh wait, I have to share this AMAZING thing that I came across whilst blog surfing. Sooo inspiring !!


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    1. Thanks ! I think thats my favorite one too (:
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  2. Your DIY's are so amazing! I have been wanting to make my own collar for ages, but have never really known how. Thank you so much for this :)

    xx Carina

  3. Awwww Glad I could help someone! *5 second party*
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  4. gonna have to make one this weekend !! DOPE !! X

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  7. cute collars! you guys did a great job on them. Love the last one

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  8. Awww thanks soo much, yeah the last one is my fave too, I practically live in it now (:
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  9. This is so pretty! Love the fabric :) x

  10. Aww thanks soo much ! I'm so glad you like it (:
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  11. Love this collars indeed!!You did great job!
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