Friday, 10 August 2012

Naked Eye.

Hello friends.

I was flicking through old copies of company magazine, (not wanting to part with my pennies to buy the September issue), and I came across Jammela Jamil’s column from the March 2012 issue. In the space of 300 words, she more than inspired me.

I do love a pep talk in the form of ‘opportunities’, but it was even better that it was a personal testimony. Jameela explains that when she was 17 she was hit by a car that rendered her unable to walk for almost 2 years. She reveals that even the small luxuries like going to the toilet alone, were gone. I was touched when she described thinking about all the missed chances, the loss of mobility (unable to walk and gaining five-and-a-half stone).The best part of this story is the ending, which concludes with 20 months of rehab and a second chance. Three years after her recovery and there stood a 22 year old Jameela, having ‘not a single contact or clue about television’ in the final 10 of the T4 audition.

Reading this column the second time round seemed to relate to me a lot more. After a terrifying trip to the opticians (The opticians are ‘my dentist’ if you get what I mean). I, as suspected, have been diagnosed with awful eyesight. Meaning I have to wear glasses all the time. At first I was really annoyed, but then I was reminded that there are people lying in hospital beds right now, who have lost their eyesight or even their eyes all together. I now cringe at all the materialistic things that I’ve gotten all sulky about. “ooh my only pair of spotty tights ripped”- You an buy back spotty tights -Primark £2.50 ;]- but can you buy back the legs that have been ripped from the socket? And this has been the way that I’ve been, and will be thinking. I know I’ve made quite a leap from the original message from Jameela’s column about seizing opportunities, but my point is you shouldn’t wait for this unfortunate accident and waste time complaining. Instead, be appreciative and you’ll have more time to enjoy the opportunities that come your way.

Ammie x


  1. Jameela Jamil is THE ONE. I haven't actually read the column but I knew this about her already and its such an inspiring story! And it really does put things in perspective too. Also, wearing glasses isnt all that bad! If you find the right specs, it can be great :)
    Saadiya x

  2. Thanks soo much Saadiya! I find this story sooo inspiring, I felt that it had to be shared, and yeah glasses are cool now. For some reason I was attracted to the biggest, reddest frames in specsavers *SHRUGS* but thanks for the support Journalist in the making ;)
    Ammie xx