Monday, 6 August 2012

In Zi Beginning...


Welcome to the blog where nothing is too weird, too whimsical. The blog where the oddities of life are accepted -encouraged even. Friends, welcome home C:

Or maybe you’re not weird, maybe you feel the need to venture into the minds of those who are. Either way, you’ll never be short of entertainment here.

When Sharrie and I agreed to do a joint blog, the bloggersphere rejoiced, for it knew that what we have in store is quite a step-up from what is already out there in ‘normal’ blogs.

Unfortunately, we’re only sixth formers (well actually we’re not even that. We’re in the midst of that awkward stage where we’ve got 12 weeks to kill, I believe they call it summer break), so unlike other uni student bloggers, we haven’t the money to spend on these amazing trips to- well anywhere really. No, you’ll have to satisfy yourselves with our wisdom/girlish wiles *cheesy grins*.

But we don’t necessarily see this as a set back, nuh uh. Instead, we realize that blogs are all fashion and make-up and stuff. We’re not looking down on it or anything (well). It’s just really important that our blog represents who we are- it’s ‘Brand us’. And our friends and family may question this, but there’s more to us than vintage clothing (me) and bow ties (sharrie). We’re all intelligent and stuff- honest.

So on that point, be prepared for some written post (don’t groan) about life, like real eye openers, as well as impulsive posts about what colour nails we’re into or something equally shallow. It will just be filled with general peculiarities that we believe may benefit someone/anyone willing to read. what else to expect... ummm quote of the week, word of the week, song of the week, funny pic of the week annndddd buy of the week, no actually buy of the month, hee hee.

I have lured you away from facebook or bbm long enough; you may as well stay 2 more mins for ze introductions:

I’m Ammie. I’m a Dorkling or a BookDork- meaning I have moments of madness whence I’ll spend more time in Waterstones than I do in H&M. I’m AMAZING at over thinking. Apparently my eyes dilate at the sight of anything vintage. My fave film is ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ (10/10). My fave book is ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ (12/10). I devote my life to Jesus 0;). Tall people falling over and bald people in the rain never fail to make me laugh. My Achilles heel has to be chucking foreign words into my everyday speech, without reasoning. Portobello Market is my happy place. I look like a boy without earrings and I have a God given gift for remembering people’s birthdays.

Hello earthlings, I’m Sharrie! I'm weird and random, so I do weird stuff at either random times or when I feel like it you see. Im the crazy one out of the two of us, well we're both crazy, but I'm the blonde crazy. I love being weird as it makes unique – im irreplaceable *angel face *. (Fact: my middle name is Angelique which means…Angelic…Wahheyy.) My love for bow ties, studded collars and printed T shirts will never die out. They are the bomb diggy. I am a HUGE huge fan of Mr Johnny Depp. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest is my fave movie, although, I have multiple favourites such as: Bride Wars, The Avengers Assemble, Titanic (classic), Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Breaking Dawn part 1 & 2 (Yes I am aware that part 2 is not out but I WILL love it.) Pocahontas, Monsters, inc, Tinkerbell, Beauty and the Beast(you have to love Disney), Tyler Perrys Madea (ALL of them)  – I mean, I can go on for days, even years, but you feel my drift. Like Ammie I am a Christian and try my best to devote my life to Jesus♡. Absolute FAVE tv show is The Big Bang Theory. It truly is the bomb diggidy – seriously. If you don’t know, get to know as you're missing out hunny. Coldplay is completely epic. Cupcakes are little bundles of sweet sweet joy. I like sports, especially Netball (position: Goal Attack). Following from that note, I am so interested and thrilled about the 2012 Olympics. The opening ceremony in Stratford was so intriguing yet educational, fun and exciting. Truly a great moment in Olympic history in my eyes. Spending time with my crazy family is the best thing in the world to me. Great parties are a plus ;). As for me, i also look like a boy without earrings. Well seeing as I've told/bored you with half my life story, I guess it's time to bring this to a close. Live long and prosper dudes!❤

At a last attempt to ‘woo’ you guys, we’ve posted some pics of us in the making of oh boy…

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