Tuesday, 7 August 2012

18 things to do before you're 18

Hello Earthlings,

Haven’t hit the big one eight yet? Not to worry me and Ammie haven’t either, hence this post. So we’ve been at the drawing board thinking of amazing, childish yet whimsical, tasks to complete before becoming legal. Though our ideas are 100% legal - okay okay, don’t think that! These are tasks you can’t get away with when you’re 18. Think of it as embracing your immature side (which everyone has), yet preparing yourself for the adult world. Without further ado, we gladly invite you to our 18 things to do before you’re 18…

18) Invent a new word:
If this idea doesn't get you as excited as we are then congratulations, you've not got Dork syndrome. But come on, what 'larks!', it would be fun. Actually, we desperately need to invent a word for "shut up Dork", hmmmm....

17) Chalk on concrete:
Clearly something you can't get away with when you're 18 so why not enjoy the primary school thrills now? Grab some chalk and express yourself on the bland pavements outside your house. Give the walkers by a surprise!

16) Have a bath with a rubber duck:
Yeah we said it.

15) Girl scouts don’t have nothing on you!:
A table filled with dozens of delicious cupcakes outside your home or school and a bunch of mouth-watering customers. You'll have Betty Crooker begging for your recipes.

14) Find your BFF:
Honestly, you only really find your bestie once you’ve gone through it ALL. And by ‘ALL’ we mean the one whose seen you when you first wake, post eyeliner, post EARRINGS (gasp), the one with a reflex action when anyone says a bad word about you , she/he who knows secrets upon secrets about you and vice versa, and also the one who knows what “Honestly I’m fine” means.

13) Parallel universe:
Say I hate you instead of I love you. Say you look so ugly today instead of you look so beautiful today. Say I love school instead of I hate school. Say I dislike you instead of I like you to your crush, hoping they realise what you actually mean. Have a salad instead of a burger. Drink water instead of cola. Jog around the block instead of sitting on the sofa watching Eastenders. Opposite day can be more than just swapping your words if you get creative :P.

12) Make a hilarious rap music video:
I think Rap music is only acceptable if you have a laugh with it, i.e. extreme and ridiculous imitation .It will never not be funny. One day we will post a video for the whole wide world to see how very Eminem we are.(or whatever Rap artist everyone listens to now :S).

11) Faux: Haven’t done this?
Then you should. You are on your way to becoming an adult. You need to stand your ground.There is no more time for fake friendships and talking behind each other’s back – that is for high school. This is for you, not for them, for you. Like Snickers would say, ‘Get some nuts!’

10) Say it, say it, SAY IT!:
Goodness sake I am so tired of sitting around a table, like some sort of a female Mafia, discussing boy problems with my lot. If you like him, tell him!

9) Rain drops keep falling on my head:
''OMG ITS RAINING!!!''. The first cries you hear to the rain. How about embracing natures cycle by hitting your best moves in it? Dancing and singing with your friends alone is enjoyable. The added rainwater makes it more phenomenal and a great day to add to your memories. Makes you feel like you're in the final dance scene in Step Up 2! Waheey.

8) Have a fancy dress party:
Oh come on who doesn’t like dressing up ?? And you really can’t rock a Tinkerbell outfit when you’re like 30. Just do it.

Scream like you never have before, like Freddy Krueger is coming after you in your dreams. Sing your heart out at least 2 festivals. There’s nothing better than waking up the next day with your voice gone, knowing you've had the time of your life at a festival. Connect with your favourite song and vibeeee.

6) Message in a balloon:
We heart this idea. Basically you have to write a message in a balloon and then set it free. That’s so Disney it’s cute. Cute to the point that you can’t get away with it when you’re older than 18.

5) To the future:
This one is like your yearbook but more 'in the moment'. With your closest buddy's, get a metal box (as it’s not bio degradable) and choose where to bury it. A garden would be better than and public places like a park, might be illegal. Here’s what you should include: your best and worst pictures, pictures of your friends, who you like and dislike, your regrets and what if's, favourite books songs etc and most importantly a letter written to yourself of your aspirations and dreams. What you personally want/feel in life. Okay don't moan people! It may not sound that thrilling but we know for a fact that you will love reading what you put in there 10/20 years in the future. A chance to see what ridiculous clothes, style of fashion or vies on life you had!

4) Have a ‘yes’ day:
This simply means that you say YES to everything you would usually say NO to.

3) ‘Sleep overs at mine tonight!’:
Now it may sound PG13, but we all know we love them, aren’t we right? How about spicing up the old, all-nighters with a twist. Get a few garden chairs in your backyard, few blankets and watch that beautiful star arise to light up our morning. It is truly an amazing sight to see before you knock out into a doze - obviously back in the house (don’t want to wake up with a spider on your face now do we). Ever wanted to go camping with your mates but your parents won’t let you? Try your back garden. Buy or rent a camping tent for the night, add a bomb fire to heighten the camping spirit and top it off by roasting marshmallows to make smores and voilà! You have a sleepover not to be missed.

2) Horse riding:
This one is a must, admittedly it’s a little Made In Chelsea-esque, but regardless it’s guaranteed to be a laugh. Go with a group of mates, We’ve kindly provided you with a link to the prices, cos we know you’ve all probably got pound signs running through your mind right now.

1) Want to fly indoors?:
Yes it is possible, if you didn't know. Get the same experience while avoiding the horrendous jump out of the plane. This is an absolute MUST (hence it being no. 1). A great experience that cannot be missed. We've made it easier for you by giving you the link - couldn’t be better! Going with your friends makes the experience more amusing and delightful. You'll most certainly believe you can fly like an Eagle in great blue sky.

So that is what we believe every earthling must do before they're 18. And to maximise the fun, (which we really hope you agree the ideas are...) why not try to write down the date you’ve completed something off the list? Little bit of brilliance. Speaking of brilliance, we're going to try and do a post or two a day since we've got soo much time on our lovely hands, so keep reading.

Live long and prosper dudes♥

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