Wednesday, 8 August 2012

outfit for ... a tenner !

Hello chums!

There’s quite a bit of energy in me as I type this, I won’t lie. Totally understandable though, I’ve just finished taking pics for the ‘outfit for a tenner’ post. Every once in a blue moon, I see something like this in certain magazines, only theirs is more ‘outfit for £30’ or I once saw a £50 aswell- oo wait I think Gok Wan did this too on one of his shows. Me and my infamous cheapness never seem to be impressed by these articles. Hence, ‘outfit for a tenner’ was conceived. It was challenging, but enjoyable. Sharrie and I are considering turning it into a regular feature depending on the feedback. So don’t be afraid to comment!

Apologies for my ridiculous attempt at posing, I'm quite ashamed really, but all for the benefit of the blog (sigh). okay so now for what you want to hear;
-print scarf: £1 Portobello market
-belt: £1 charity shop
-jumpsuit: £2 New look (!) it was on sale though
-shoes: £6 Primark
It’s not as daring or even as contrasting as I’d usually dress, but it’s cute. It’s got that ‘lazy Sunday afternoon' look about it. The outfit looked quite modest without the box bag and jewellery, but I couldn’t resist. God created me with an unhealthy love for accessories. Just to check that I wasn’t crazy and that the outfit was in fact ‘wearable’, I asked Sharrie for her opinion. The child says “it’s very touristy -nice touristy- Something that you’d see in Paris”. Clearly she’s feeling unusually nice, but overall we can agree it’s the ‘bomb diggidy’ as my dear companion would say. (that phrase is slowly growing on me).

Anyway, goodbye.
Ammie x