Friday, 30 August 2013

DIY: Wrapped in a Spiral

Goodnight creative Fairies!

Well summer is practically over now. I mean seriously, next week?!? I barely had time to breathe let alone start my History homework! Procrastination is not key, though I will conquer it on Sunday lads. I promised you a picture of my Lush buys, which are divine! I urge you all to buy one of the beauty beauties okay and I wasn't asking so go on, go to the shop. Their workers are supeeeeer friendly, not like in other shops *I will not name names ^.^*

Over the two week period, I got myself (from top left to right): Dragon's Egg (for my little nephew), Ickle Baby Bot, Blackberry Bath Bomb (the 'BOMB' one), Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment, Sunnyside, Sparkle Toothy Tabs, Rock Star soap, Think Pink and Tea Tree Toner Tab. I also have some of The Comforter left along with Creamy Candy Bubble Bar but they were cut up. I have already used Space Girl and Sex Bomb which I am in love with! Think Pink bath bomb has to be my favourite. I bought two already *yaay mee*. It's so pink, sweet and girly, the perfect treat! And for my Mother: (from top left to right): The Comforter, A French Kiss, Sweetie Pie, The Godmother soap, Honey Bee and Stepping Stone. I also got her Phoenix Rising though she didn't like and gave it to my little brother. He loves it of corse! My mother is now in love with Lush as I am, maybe not as much as me come to think of it. My growing obsession for Lush had me switching boxes every time I gained a new purchase *sigh, all that moving*. Seeing as we were re-painting the house (which equaled a tornado of mess), I decided to transform one of our 5litre empty paint cans into this Lush Can, which I call my Lushie Can! Gives you chills right??

It was quite hard to make with the glitter but I literally love the outcome. Even though the word 'Lush' isn't placed perfectly, it still looks totally cool! And who want's it to be perfect anyway? B-). Oh and this is how I celebrated Michael's 55th birthday! I know he likes balloons...

Moving on from my celebrations and Lush ramblings, this is another bracelet DIY which is simple and easy to make though it does require some concentration lads but I’m sure you can do it :D

Your Helpers:
~ Tape
~ Embroidery thread
~ Cardboard
~ Scissors
~ Ruler
~ Pencil
~ Something sharp or a screwdriver

1. Place the tape on the cardboard and draw around the outside of it, then cut it out.
2. Take your ruler and draw a straight line down (vertically) the middle of the cardboard circle.
3. Now draw another straight line horizontal to the first line you drew. Then draw a vertical line through the middle of the horizontal and vertical line. It should look like this.
4. Draw your final line through the vertical line, horizontally, so it will look like this. You should have only drawn 4 lines but ended up with 8 small sections, like a pizza - yum!

5. Make small snips at the end of each line, it should be around 1cm maximum, it should not be a deep cut.
6. Cut 7 pieces of embroidery thread around 30/40cm long. I think it's best to double up the thread as the bracelet will be thicker.
7. Take the screwdriver or pencil and pierce a hole through the middle. Push the start of the bracelet through the hole making sure the knot is at the bottom of the cardboard.
8. I don’t know why this picture is here, I guess I wasn’t concentrating...blah :D

9. Place each thread on each of the lines and you should have one line without a thread. Make the line without a thread face the LEFT like in the picture. Now from that point, going clockwise, take the THIRD thread and bring it to the line without a thread. In the picture: move the unhappy face to the smiling face.
10. It should then look like this. Again, move the new line without a thread to the left.
11. It should now look like this. Again, moving clockwise, take the NEW third thread and bring it to the NEW line without a thread.
12. It will now look like this.

13. The bottom will look like this if you don't untangle the thread while you are moving the thread.
14. Once you get into the hang of this, your spiral bracelet will start to emerge from the bottom until it's here LOL I had to do that.
15. After a while it will look like this and then...
16. You are finished!

I do hope you try this DIY Earthlings. There were so many "It will now look like this'" I felt like a broken record repeating itself! It is literally ABC once you get a hand of the technique okay! They are never that scary :D. If you do though, hash tag us at #ASdiy on Instagram or Twitter, we will totally check it out! Happy last week of Summer my fellow readers! Family day out to Coral Reef tomorrow shall help ease this pain mwhahaha O.o

Be unique & create magic Unicorns❣

Sharrie xXx

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  1. I really wish I had a tub in my bathroom so I could buy all the lush bombs and smell faaab. Great DIY, although I don't think I have the patience for it.