Friday, 16 August 2013

DIY: Gummy Spikes

Good Afternoon Fairies!

Well yesterday was one of the most important days of our 6th Former lives - RESULTS DAY. I wasn't as scared as I normally am because I had faith. I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but thank God that it was good enough to keep me at my school and on my preferred courses. One thing, I can't go to UCL now (cries while I indulge in comfort food), I will find a substitue no doubt! But the key thing is, to turn your broken piece into a master piece! Today is a new day, you can shape your future, you can make that change if your not satisfed with your past okay! It's not the end of the world...! Wow, so many exclamation marks - just for emphasis. Okay, moving on from my possibly irrelevant pep talk as I quote Nick Minaj *that moment when your head repeats an annoying lyric*. One last thing, DIY Fri will come every fortnight seeing as this Friday came in a flash! I will not have enough time once my head is involuntarily forced in history books. It's not much of a change lads :D Here I will show you how to give life to your plain old silicone wristband...

Your helpers:
- Silicone wristbands
- Spike studs
- Super glue
- Leather hole puncher

1. Lay the wristband flat on the ground. Fold it in half to find the center. Then take the Leather hole puncher to punch a hole through both sides of the band.
2. Now do the same thing but on the opposite side (the holes should be at the end to find the center in between) therefore you’ll have 4 holes.
3. Lie the wristband flat with a set of holes in the middle. Then fold both ends of the wristband inside to find the center between the end and middle (the hole and the end of the wristband). Remember to punch a hole through both sides of the band. You should have 8 holes now. You can now add the spikes! Push the screw of the spike through the inside of the band so the spike will appear on the outside of the band. Apply a small amount of glue at the tip of the screw to further secure the spike in place.

~*!DO NOT screw the spike too tightly as it’ll cause the band to expand and create an unflattering curve. Stop tightening when you start to see it expand!*~

Show off your old, now new, wristband! I decided to treat myself at Lush and picked up 5 gorgeous bath bombs! I shall post a picture in the next post :D I cannot wait to use them! They are literally lush! I think I have an addiction for exclamation marks lol. Don't forget to tag your DIY's at #ASdiy on Instagram, we will totally check it out! Happy Summer all.

Be unique & create magic Unicorns❣

Sharrie xXx


  1. I am seriously in love with your DIYs; they are all so quirky!x


  2. Loove this DIY! Your blog is so cute!

    Xo, Hannah

  3. These look so cool! Thanks for sharing x