Friday, 9 August 2013

DIY: 9 in 1 and Spiked Leather

Hello Fairies!

It'ssss FRIDAAAAAY, FRIDAAAAAAAAAY, it's D.I.Y Fridaaaaaaaaay! This is so exciting isn't it, more for me of course! This post is focusing on that one object that most of us teenagers call our darling child - our mobile phone!! Mine is called Iphone5, and I was blessed with her last Christmas at 11.50am (whatever time I opened the present) LOL oh boy. This is my hunger talk by the way, my food is half way finished B-). Moving on, this first DIY is extremely easy and creative...

Your helpers:
~ Clear phone case
~ Card paper
~ Design or photographs from books, magazines, birthday cards etc
~ Pencil
~ Glue
~ Scissors
~ Compass or something sharp (office paper cutter)
~ Cutting mat
**I purchase all my helpers from Ebay**

1. Draw around your phone for the template or you can just measure it with a ruler, though it’s up to you. Cut it out and place it into the phone case. Trim the edges until you get the perfect fit you want. Then glue this template on two pieces of card, this is what you’ll use to trace around your designs.
2. Take you’re preferred design or picture and trace around the previous template you made with a pencil. It's better to trace it on the back of the design.
3. Cut it out and trim the edges if needed. Using something from a magazine or book? It’s best to glue it on some card so it’s sturdier. Trace the markings for the camera and cut it out using a compass or office paper cutter on the cutting mat.

And you're finished! Boys please do not be afraid to drag out your creative side and do this! It is super easy, quick and cheap to make. It just makes your phone more unique because you’ll know that no one will have the same case like you (well that you know). I got my Michael Jackson pictures from a book I have and the rest of designs are from old birthday cards. I printed off more MJ pictures for my case several months ago, so the possibilities are endless!


I've been so excited to share this DIY with you Fairies! I saw a bunch of these cases online but I wanted it on a leather case instead of a normal plastic one. Oooo this is thrilling, cant you feel the shivers? Eoghdgvnlx okay I'll totally stop now...enjoy!
Your helpers:
~ Leather flip case
~ Silver or gold spike studs (mine were 10mm x 7mm)
~ A drill
~ Super glue or a very strong adhesive
~ A cardboard box or shoebox
~ Rhinestones (optional)
~ Paper
~ Pencil
~ Kebab wooden stick
~ Leather Hole Puncher/screwdriver
**I purchase all my helpers from Ebay**

1. Take your phone and draw around it, as close as possible (remember to mark out the camera). This is vital to get a professional look, so precision is key. Find the center of you’re phone by drawing two diagonal lines from the top corners of the template. From there, draw small dots with a straight line, one inch apart, to mark the remaining places where the spikes should be. You should form a continuous diamond design. In each row there should be four, and only four, full diamond shapes going horizontally and vertically. Focusing on only theses rows, draw a horizontal and vertical line through the whole length of your phone, this will help you to find the center of the diamond. Draw small circles in the crossing of the diamond, and you’ll have your template for the design! This is the hardest part of the tutorial to be honest! *breathes out*
2. Now you have you’re template, place it over your leather case and make sure it doesn’t move. Take the kebab stick and start to press it down firmly on every dot you made.
3. Pull off the leather case that is glued to the plastic case (see step 4). In my opinion, I think it is better to purchase a cheap leather case, because you’re going to pull off the leather part. This will protect the back of your phone from getting damaged by the screws. *Mine has holes because my Father gave me the idea after I finished drilling*. I think It's best to use the Leather hole puncher, but you can use a screwdriver as well. Place the case on top of the shoebox and drill holes through the markings you made with the kebab stick. Keep your hand and the drill straight while drilling.

4. Screw your studs through the hole as tightly as possible with a screwdriver. REMEMBER: the spikes should be on the outside of the leather case. To further secure the spike, add a drop of super glue to the top of the screw, and quickly put the spike on.
5. Carefully glue the leather case back to the plastic case and you’re finished! OPTIONAL: you can get the rhinestone design I have at the front of my case by using the same template you previously made, then gluing the rhinestones on.

Well, the first step is the hardest, but I only got it right on my 4th try so practice makes perfect! Feel free to ask me questions. Those of you non DIY'ers are in luck! I am making several of these cases for IPhones to sell around Aug/Sep time (obviously improved). If you are interested, there will be more information about these in the near future. Well Fairies, I do hope this has excited you as much as it has for me, especially as its the FIRST post for It's DIY Fri! Until next week my blogaily {blog+family}

Be unique & create magic Unicorns♥

Sharrie xXx


  1. er so cool! i feel lazy for buying one now! xx

    1. Oh please don't! I am lazy too, just when it comes to exercising ahaha!
      Sharrie xXx

  2. Love the third one in the first picture :)

    xx Vicky | golden mirrors

  3. The clear plastic one is a great idea, you could change your cover everyday depending on how you felt!!
    Love this post, fancy iphone cases like this are normally so expensive, this is a much nicer idea!

    Em x

    1. That is exactly what I do! Thank you so much and please try it out :D

      Sharrie xXx