Thursday, 8 August 2013

DIY: Wrapped In Wire

Good Evening Fairies!

We’ve all been soaking up the scrumptious weather, though this week has taken a wrongful turn *cries* the rain, thunder and lightning!! One was so bright, I thought somebody came to my window and took a picture. It could have been the papz you know lol. So I have decided to make my DIY posts more consistent by introducing ‘It’s DIY Fri’. No brainer, you shall be presented with a DIY every Friday. The first post for It’s DIY Fri will be up tomorrow! Isn’t this exciting *shrikes*. This DIY is inspired by something I saw on Youtube. It was a necklace but I wanted it to be a ring instead so that is the interesting history behind this DIY. Swiftly moving on…

Your helpers:
- Beading/Jewellery wire
- Pliers
- Scissors
- Super Glue
- Any type of rock/stone

1. Take the wire and wrap it around the rock once. I don't want to give you a certain measurement to cut the wire at, as it depends on the size of it.
2. Take the starting side of the wire and tie it around the wire to form a hook. This will keep the rock in place while wrapping the remaining wire. Make sure this is tight.
3. Start to wrap the wire around the rock in all directions, however you like, until you are satisfied with the outcome.
4. Cut off 2-3cm of the same wire that is wrapped around the rock. This will be used to tie the ending knots. Once you have made a tight knot around some of the wires, it should look like this once the excess (if any) are cut off.

5. Feed the wire through as many wires underneath the rock as possible, aim for at least 2 wires.
6. Place your preferred finger around the wire to form the ring figure. Make sure you leave enough wire (approx. 1-2cm) to create another knot to secure this part.
7. You can wrap the section for the ring 1-4 times if you like, it’s totally up to you. Finally, make your last knots to fully secure your ring and you are finished!

I recently took a trip down to Margate beach and collected some fantastic rocks to use in the future! It is a fab project if you live near the beach. If you try this DIY, don't forget to post a picture on Instagram and hashtag #ASdiy as I would love to see your versions! I hope this has tickled your delightful taste buds to be wanting more - just wait until tomorrow ;)

Be unique & create magic Unicorns♥

Sharrie xXx


  1. This is amazing! Gosh your DIY's all rock :)

    xx Carina

  2. Why thank you Carina! That made my morning :D

    Sharrie xXx

  3. That looks like a great idea! I'll try this one out sometimes xD

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Don't forget to upload & tag on Instagram! I would love you see yours :D

  4. ah, i love this idea! i would love to place these on a ring!

    lindsey louise

  5. Only recently come across your blog but this post and the last are just so magical! Such beautiful ideas; I will definitely have a go!x


    1. Thank you so much Rhiannon! Tag us on Instagram or Twitter so I can see your wonderful ring!!

      Sharrie xXx