Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hello August

Hello Earthlings,

It is fair to say that we ought to be cast out of the blogosphere, mocked and rebuked because we really have abused our titles as bloggers by leaving you all for this long. It isn't fair really. Nonetheless, we are shamefully back with promises of more consistent posts. Whilst we get that you guys (all ye patient ones who have stuck around) enjoy the DIY posts, we hope to incorporate some new stuff here too. Soooooooooooooo do expect a more miscellaneous looking blog, one which represents our new goals, new makes, new buys, new adventures and all that 18 year old sort stuff.

For the sake of love (and guilt and shame and genuine repentance), please find attached a collaboration of pictures which should hold your attention. As you can see, nothing has changed with us, the beloved Sharrie still flourishes before the camera whilst I am aware that the camera and I are incompatible.

Love Ammie & Sharrie xx

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