Monday, 1 September 2014

UNI SERIES #1 Packing check list bruh

Sup Earthlings,

There really isn't any other way to approach this post but by discussing le A-level results. [yes, a triumphant 2 weeks later]. I tried to think of a cool and casual way of slowly edging into this conversation but meh. Man aint got time. AMMIE AND SHARRIE ARE OFF TO UNIVERSITY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!! I am off to the University of Birmingham to spend time in loads of beautifully dusty books (read English Lit) and Sharrie will be reading American studies at the University of Essex (with one hella cool year abroad across the pond).


So since we have promised not to neglect you all again, it makes sense to include this part of our lives on the blog. Do expect a myriad of necessary yet shabbily produced posts which will make up a Uni series.

First up in the Uni series is a packing list, just because I think that time is pushing on and there really is so much to buy. I have watched most of the youtuby type videos and I have hit up pinterest and all the 'Dorm checklists' but I have kinda shoved them all together with notes and scribbly bits so that you guys can have what ought to be a realistic checklist.  Don't not shove a comment at the bottom to add anything you reckon is missed.

university checklist
Desk lamp *Don't forget bulbs, a few of them too!
-postage stamps
-paper clips
- push pins
-pens/pencils/highlighters/ PENCIL CASE(don't you dare follow our blog without having a genuine respect for pencil cases)* Fancy stuff at Paperchase
-post it notes
-Rubber bands
-Whole puncher
- glue
- "Magazine holder" *use it as you please, just storage I guess
- Thesaurus/Dictionary
- Diary* get a few, 1 for personal stuff and 1 for Uni bits?
-Printer *Paper and ink too
-folders * I have seen loads of videos with people just buying one folder because they have 1 subject, nah. think about your seperate modules and stuff. *wilko are selling some for 50p right now. just saying * get some plastic dividers too
- tape
- notebooks * get a pocket one too

- Sheets * 2 sets * My uni provide a mattress cover but have a look a see what you're provided with!
- mattress protector * might not be the best bed you have ever slept on...
- duvet * again, get two sets
- Bed bug spray * Idk it seems to be on every list
- actual duvet and pillows
- Blankets/throw
- cushions * Yaaaasssssssssss. I am getting mine from Camden, into that Boho thang.

-shower cap
- toiletries bag
- flip flops*even if you're not shared, never know who lived where you're living and how clean or dirty they were
- towels
- robe
- soap/shower gel
- small mirror/dressing table mirror
- shampoo/conditioner * I know I have added some obvious stuff, but if you share with a sibling or whatever then it is easy to forget
- cotton balls/cotton pad
-nail polish remover
-make-up bag
- towel rack and airer
* adapt this if you have en-suite(oh how blessed you are) or if you are shared

- mugs
-pizza cutter
-chopping boards
- kettle
*the above three things might or might not be provided in your accommodation nonetheless I would say that it is a good idea to have your own anyway, sharing with 5-8 people or whatever might mean that you need replicas.
- oven glove
- tea towel
cook books! *Jamie Oliver is my dawg atm when it comes to cook books
- Saucepan set
- cutlery * one mate of ours swears by Zara home for cool looking cutlery
- bowls
- plates
*with the above three it might be tempting to take 1 of each,, but bare in mind that you might get visitors, might invite people over and whatever so take a good amount
- sharp knives
- sieve *I jut learnt how to spell this (:
-wooden spoons
- baking trays
- can opener
- tupaware
-cheese grater
-measuring jug
* Charlotte Farthing has the BESTEST advice on kitchen stuff and otherwise, most of this kitchen bit was basically the result of watching her video:

-ironing board
-laundry bag/basket
-trash bags
-washing up bowl
-washing up liquid
-toilet cleaner/bleach
-dust pan and brush

- blu tac *white tac apparently leaves less marks on the walls
-wall posters *Londoners seek out Portobello market or Camden
- post cards
-fairy lights
-3M decorating clips *replaces nails
-rug *If your room is big enough
-foot stool * I got myself a footstool because it was really boho and just fabulous but it is NOT a necessity, the idea is that it gives my tiny room character. sooo, if it is a pile of cushions on the floor, a bean bag or whatever make sure you make your room less boring and more cosy.
-pictures from home!
-storage boxes

forgettables* these are the bits which are easily forgotten
-padlock *for the fridge
-lint rollers
-alarm clock
-first aid kit
-door stop * I hear this makes things less awkward. I immediately got one.
-sewing kit
-light bulbs
-flash light
-sleeping mask
- extension cable
-bath mat
-coasters/place mats
-bathroom storage
-some sort of jewellery storage
- Don't get everything new! make sure that you take some stuff from your own room so that you don't feel completely home sick!

check out our pinterest accounts for some inspiration and stuff:



Now, just to make this post even longer, here are some pics of our day out to Harrods on results day. We went out to celebrate our success and to make the most of one of the our few synchronized days off work.

Sharrie doing what Sharrie does whilst in the Disney department. Amongst children 13 years her minor.

Sharrie has nice nails and nice stuff to match those nice nails.

Sharrie convinces me to join her in making a fool of myself in aforementioned children's department.
We agreed that this is stunning.
Hope that this helped guys! Next up in the Uni series will be a list of things to do before you leave your home city; for us that means a list of things that London needs to prepare herself for, we won't relent. mwahahaha.

All our dorky love,
Ammie and Sharrie xx


  1. When are you guys coming to London ??
    #1 fan!!!

    1. wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! yeahhhh to having one sole fan who loves us irrelevant of the scarcity of our posts/dorkiness/shockingly long posts!!!

      Hahaha hoped this helped you though

      Ammie + Sharrie xx

  2. Congratulations on your results!
    As someone who graduated last year, you don't need half as many things as you think you do which I found incredibly reassuring. Here's the key bits for me- you want to bring as few plates and cutlery etc as possible to ensure that yours don't get stolen (you can always borrow if you have people over, but you won't do this half as frequently as you'd expect), and to encourage you to keep right on top of the washing up. You want to make sure you've got plenty of loungewear to make communal living as unawkward as possible- onesies and yoga pants etc are heaven. Don't underestimate the importance of a door stop- you can use it to wedge your door closed as well as open if your lock is a bit hit and miss/your flatmates like to stumble into your room when drunk. Most of the stuff under 'cleaning', you won't need as except for consumables like bin bags/Dettol/washing-up liquid, you'll be covered. Basically, the less stuff you take, the less claustrophobic your room will feel and the more relaxed you'll be. Halls is only ever a stop-gap until your first student house (where you will need 99% of this list). Splash out on a few decorations to make it more cosy, and keep lots of photos from home, maybe a plant, but you can always add things if you find you need them rather than having stuff all over your floor as you don't have the room! Have a great time at uni! :) xx

    1. thank you!! mmm yeah I can see what you mean about the space issue Charlotte. Will bare that in mind. Also, with the cleaning stuff, I think most people agree with you, I should've put a little astrix there saying *I WILL START AS I MEAN TO GO ON, NO WAY IN HELL WILL MY FLAT HAVE RAT INFESTATION/MAGGOTS WHATEVER. hahaha that list is basically there to remind me that I must go out of the way to keep it clean. Thanks for all your wisdom!!

      Ammie + Sharrie xx